We at Wood Aesthetics have always endeavored to create a symphony of machines and craftsmanship so as to bring out the best in furniture articulation. Price is always a consideration, but we never compromise upon quality. Our designs are both practical and contemporary which provide taste and   functionality   to   our   clients’ needs. This is one of the principal reasons why Wood Aesthetics today is the single most favored company of choice for most multinational companies and corporate offices in public, private, and banking sectors (including McDonalds Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Samba Bank, Bank Alfalah, Sindh basic Education Program USAID project). Every single item is laboriously designed from scratch in-house at our production facility located at Mehmood Booti, Lahore. We have invested heavily in advanced manufacturing plants, which are up to international manufacturing standards.  

We also offer high quality home furniture, made to order. We provide our valuable clients the option of collaborating with our design team, and tailoring the furniture according to their specific needs. All production related details are hammered out in the most professional manner so that the best product may ensue. We import our raw materials from all over the world keeping in view color, durability, surface, and other characteristics. We use Oak, Teak, West Indies  Ashwood, Pakistans Walnut, and Rosewood, along with various other non-wooden, synthetic alternatives.