Established in 1995 and incorporated in February 2006 Wood Aesthetics has been providing comprehensive designing and manufacturing solutions to a diverse range of clients especially the corporate sector. We offer an array of modern, customized furniture. Relying on immaculate craftsmanship of its workforce and cutting-edge machinery, we have produced some of the finest pieces of wood that today lend magnificence to hundreds of offices and corporate centers. Our latest manufacturing facility has enabled our creative designs to be turned into a reality. The inspiration behind such creations comes from specific customer requirements. The furniture is meticulously manufactured and designed, in-house keeping in mind all the elements of the desired ambiance and flexibility in meeting customer demands. Furniture manufactured under this banner has been used in some of the countrys most prestigious high-profile projects. Our facility operates under strict quality standards.

Our Expertise Based On:









Decor Interior Design Works

Wood Aesthetics brings you highly qualified designers in-house, handling all aspects of architectural, industrial and ergonomic designs. Under a separate design department, decor idea generation and a selection of sketch proposals is visualized using the latest imaging softwares including CAD, 3D Studio etc., for precise drawings and conceptual visualizations. Our best-suited materials and joinery techniques offer sound, stable and aesthetically appeasing furniture pieces. 

Design Ergonomics

Our latest available technologies are integrated in the design that is adapted to match the required production techniques. Through this proven process, which is focused on delivering optimal solutions to the needs of the client, Wood Aesthetics is able to design all kinds of new products related to office interiors. After a detailed assessment of the design concept, the Wood Aesthetics Design Team is able to visualize the design using professional artistic impressions and presentations. Once the design concept has been adjusted to meet all requirements, a full-scale prototype is made to allow a detailed examination of functionality and ergonomic factors.



Wood Aesthetics has a team of expert interior designers, who are fully conversant with the latest trends in interior design. Our team creates comprehensive spatial permutations conforming to design concepts and turns passive aspects into useful statements. The services we offer are broad based and include: furniture design covering workstations, conference rooms, partitioning systems for office interiors and classical, contemporary and customized furniture for residential interiors.

Our Capabilities

Our broad line of office and residential furniture solutions offer an exciting mix of wood, metal, stone, laminates, paints and fabrics enhancing spatial quality, and providing an exceptional value for money. At Wood Aesthetics, we enjoy an edge over other manufacturers, from raw materials to the finished product, using latest manufacturing techniques and creating aesthetically modern and ergonomically designed furniture. The equipment we use includes state-of-the-art machines which guarantee international quality products at competitive prices. At the same time our strength is traditional craftsmanship, thus producing an interesting juxtaposition of man and machine.